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New Jersey Power List 2002


The POWER LIST 2002 identifies New Jersey’s 100 most politically influential personalities  will appear bi-annually on . More than one-third of the names on this list are new, reflecting the new power brokers of the new administration.  In developing our list, we eliminated anyone who currently holds public office, as well as Judges, Prosecutors and state Cabinet Members.  We also eliminated the five living former Governors: we believe that all former Governors remain highly influential and well-respected.  This is an Insiders List. We looked at policy makers, party leaders, fundraisers, lobbyists, labor unions, businesses, and associations and have assembled the ultimate list of New Jerseyans with clout, with an impact on politics and government in the Garden State. And we selected names based on a fairly unscientific curve:  we allocated spaces on this list for a dozen different categories within the New Jersey political community -- so #11 on the list of important fundraisers or donors doesn't make the list, but the most influential congressional staffers does.   Just remember that our list is purely subjective.

1 JOHN LYNCH Democratic lawyer and former Senate President The Governor Emeritus of New Jersey.
2 GARY TAFFET Chief of Staff to the Governor The gatekeeper to the McGreevey kingdom is an exceptionally able politico;  the top guy to the top guy.
3 GEORGE NORCROSS South Jersey Democratic Leader Commerce Bank exec is the leader of South Jersey Democrats.  Master Strategist and Mega Fundraiser.
4 PAUL LEVINSOHN Chief Counsel to the Governor Jim McGreevey's lawyer and his  number one campaign financier.
5 DON IMUS WFAN-AM Morning Radio Personality Devoting more coverage to NJ politics and sways a lot of NJ voters.
6 DONALD SCARINCI Attorney and Democratic fundraiser Bob Menendez's best friend and the McGreevey Transition Team Counsel  is the go-to guy in state and local governments.
7 GLENN PAULSEN Burlington County Republican Chairman Leads the strongest GOP organization in the state.
8 CHARLES KUSHNER Real Estate Developer and Democratic fundraiser  Huge giver to Democrats nationally and locally.
9 LEWIS EISENBERG Investment Banker and Republican fundraiser Was Bush's pick as GOP National Finance Chairman.
10 JAMES DAVY Governor's Chief of Management and Operations He's makes the trains run on time.
11 JIM GEARHART 101.5-FM Morning Radio Personality Can still rile things up with morning drive time slot.
12 RAYMOND POCINO LIUNA Vice President and Eastern Regional Manager New Jersey's most influential labor leader.
13 JOSEPH FERRIERO Bergen County Democratic Chairman Bergen's undisputed boss who brought the Party back from extinction.
14 WARREN WILENTZ Attorney and Democratic fundraiser The Grand Old Man of Democratic politics in New Jersey is one of McGreevey's mentors.
15 DAVID NORCROSS Republican National Committeeman New Jersey's Ambassador to the White House and GOP Congress.
16 ORIN KRAMER Investment Banker and Democratic fundraiser The man whose ring all potential Democratic presidential candidates must kiss.
17 DAVID REBOVICH Rider University Political Science Professor The go-to guy when political reporters need an intelligent quote.
18 DALE  FLORIO Lobbyist and Somerset County Republican Chairman Chairman who controls his county and lobbyist who gets bills passed.
19 FRANK SPENCER Labor Leader, Chairman of the NJ Joint Council of Carpenters and Joiners PAC Helped create the new Dem majority in the Legislature.
20 CALVIN WEST Advisor to Mayor Sharpe James Longtime Democratic leader has close ties to Jim McGreevey.
21 PAUL JOSEPHSON Democratic attorney  Was Jim McGreevey's top campaign lawyer, slated for influence in Trenton.
22 KELLY GANGES Executive Director, Assembly Democrats Survivor of Assembly Dem battles came out on top.
23 CHARLES WOWKANECH President, New Jersey AFL-CIO Delivered an endorsement for McGreevey and a Democratic legislature and brought labor back onto the statewide Democratic scene.
24 JAMIE FOX Democratic Strategist and former Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator Bob Torricelli He helped the Democrats define Bret Schundler.
25 JO ASTRID GLADING Governor's Chief of Policy and Communications The driver of the McGreevey message.
26 KEVIN HAGAN Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor Has the Governor's ear and the respect of Democratic party elders.
27 KATHY CROTTY Executive Director, Senate Democrats Veteran legislative tactician is respected by her caucus.
28 DAVID STEINER Democratic fundraiser Continues to be a major Democratic donor.
29 CANDACE STRAIGHT Republican fundraiser and Sports Authority Commissioner Effective fundraiser's influence goes well beyond the borders of New Jersey.
30 JON ROBERT BOMBARDIERI Executive Director, Assembly Republicans Young star heads refurbished GOP staff.
31 ADAM KAUFMAN Lobbyist Very close to McGreevey staff; Gary Taffet used to work for him.
32 AMY MANSUE Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor Popular no nonsense policy wonk
33 BILL PALATUCCI Attorney and Republican fundraiser/strategist Strong ties to Bush White House.
34 ANGELO GENOVA Attorney and Democratic fundraiser Longtime lawyer for Democratic candidates has a rolodex of IOU's
35 HAROLD HODES Lobbyist and former Chief of Staff to Gov. Brendan Byrne Runs New Jersey's largest lobbying firm.
36 MARK SMITH Executive Director, Senate Republicans State government veteran is new Senate GOP's top staffer.
37 ROGER BODMAN Lobbyist Knows his way around NJ politics.
38 JAMES GEE Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor Very popular among Democratic legislators.
39 LIONEL KAPLAN Democratic fundraiser and former AIPAC President Close ties to national Democrats and Co-Senate President Codey.
40 VERNON HILL Commerce Bank Chairman New Jersey's fastest growing bank.
41 DONALD NORCROSS South Jersey AFL-CIO President and Camden County Democratic Co-Chairman Combined power base of labor and an entrenched political machine.
42 MICHAEL ARON Senior Political Correspondent, New Jersey Network It's not how many people watch him, but rather who watches him.
43 BOB FRANKS HealthCare Institute of NJ President and former Congressman Highly respected  among organization Republicans and now heads a major trade organization.
44 FRED POTTER Labor Leader, New Jersey Teamsters Joint Council 73 Political Action Committee Chairman Leading Ocean County Democrats and New Jersey Teamsters to prominence.
45 DEBORAH LYNCH Democratic activist and fundraiser John Lynch's wife is a top fundraiser on her own.
46 THOMAS GIBLIN Labor Leader and Essex County Democratic Chairman No longer State Chairman, but still leads big county organization and a major labor union.
47 GENE MARTORONY Chief of Staff to Assembly Speaker Albio Sires Strong policy skills and Trenton experience will help the new Speaker control his caucus.
48 STEPHEN ADUBATO, SR. Executive Director, North Ward Cultural Center Wins New Jersey political version of Survivor.
49 RAYMOND CHAMBERS Philanthropist and Civic Leader Newark renaissance man may still get his arena.
50 STEVE AYSCUE Democratic political consultant Hardball tactician, the new Prince of Darkness.
51 MICHAEL ANGELINI Gloucester County Democratic Chairman Power grew exponentially after knocking out a 28-year State Senator.
52 PAUL ANZANO Attorney and Democratic fundraiser Longtime Trenton insider is the go to guy for insurance clients in the McGreevey era.
53 CLIVE CUMMIS Attorney and Democratic fundraiser Clinton has left the White House, but he still has real clout.
54 JOHN HIBBS President, New Jersey Laborers Union #472 One of the labor leaders whose endorsement really does matter.
55 JEANNINE LARUE Chief Lobbyist-designate, New Jersey Education Association About to assume the teachers union's top lobbying post.
56 REV. REGINALD JACKSON Executive Director, New Jersey Council of Black Ministers Despite some rough times, he's still New Jersey's most influential clergyman.
57 EMERY UNGRADY Deputy Counsel to the Governor One of the sharpest legal minds in Trenton
58 AL KOEPPE President, PSE&G Head of state's largest utility company has considerable influence with the new Governor.
59 MAGGIE MORAN State Director, Office of U.S. Senator Jon S. Corzine Veteran political operative is well-liked and highly respected.
60 ZULIMA FARBER Attorney and Democratic activist Former Cabinet member is a respected leader of the state's Hispanic community.
61 BILL PURCELL Labor Leader, New Jersey Communications Workers of America Top advocate of New Jersey state employees.
62 MARIE TASY Legislative Director, New Jersey Right-To-Life Committee Queen of conservative interest groups in New Jersey.
63 FINN CASPERSEN, SR. Businessman, Philanthropist and Republican fundraiser Billionaire businessman gets his calls returned.
64 BILL PASCRELL III Passaic County Counsel and Lobbyist Leverages family business into statewide clout.
65 MAURICE CARROLL Director, Quinnipiac University Polling Institute Respected pollster is on the mark when it comes to calling races. 
66 RONALD DELMAURO Chief Executive Officer, St. Barnabas Health Care Systems Runs New Jersey's largest health care organization/
67 STEVE DEMICCO Democratic political consultant Mega consultant has directed two winning statewide campaigns in two years.
68 KAY LICAUSI District Director, Office of Congressman Robert Menendez Runs Menendez's local political operation.
69 BRET SCHUNDLER Former Mayor of Jersey City and candidate for Governor Remains the titular head of New Jersey GOP's conservative wing.
70 GEORGE GILMORE Ocean County Republican Chairman Firmly in control of the Ocean County courthouse and a top advisor to Co-Senate President Bennett. 
71 KAREN KOMINSKY Lobbyist She gets the joke, whether it's policy or politics.
72 TOM WILSON Lobbyist and Republican Strategist Has many friends of all political stripes.
73 PAUL MATACERA Lobbyist Ex-North Brunswick Mayor is John Lynch's brother-in-law.
74 GENE MULROY Lobbyist Young lobbyist has close ties with many McGreevey staffers.
75 JEFF SCOTT Labor Leader, Communications Workers of America The behind-the-scenes make-it-happen guy at the CWA.
76 LEWIS KATZ Businessman and Democratic fundraiser YankeesNets partner is highly respected and has paid his political dues.
77 MICHAEL DUHAIME Executive Director, Republican State Committee Recognized as the party's best grass roots strategist and now winning rave reviews for his Direct Mail.
78 BILL MAER Lobbyist and Democratic operative Versatile player who knows how to combine campaign politics with contract lobbying.
79 JOHN SHERIDAN Attorney and Republican fundraiser Top Republican lawyer with loads of contacts will survive a Democratic administration.
80 MICHAEL MURPHY Attorney and former Democratic gubernatorial candidate One of the most popular Democrats among New Jersey political insiders.
81 JEFF MICHAELS Future lobbyist and former Chief of Staff to Gov. Don DiFrancesco Former and future lobbyist brought Don DiFrancesco back to life.
82 DAVID PRINGLE Executive Director, New Jersey Environmental Federation Trying to keep the Garden in the Garden State.
83 PATTI MCGUIRE Democratic political operative Always in demand to build a successful field operation.
84 KEVIN COLLINS Chief of Staff to the Assembly Minority Leader Top political advisor to the new Minority Leader.
85 PAUL MULSHINE Columnist, The Star-Ledger The Star-Ledger's Bill Safire is the darling of New Jersey conservatives.
86 MATTHEW BURNS Attorney and Hudson County political leader Close ally of Jersey City Mayor Glenn Cunningham. 
87 MATT LEONARDO Republican political consultant Ran Schundler's primary campaign and could be a factor in '02 Senate and House races.
88 DONNA MULLINS Chief of Staff to Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen Holds the keys to the Appropriations Committee lockbox.
89 ROBERT  BONAZZI Executive Director, New Jersey Education Association Runs New Jersey's most powerful special interest group.
90 MICHAEL TORPEY Attorney, Lobbyist and former Chief of Staff to Gov. Christie Whitman Respected state government veteran.
91 KEVIN DAVIS Deputy Executive Director, Senate Republicans Had a tough year, but John Bennett still listens to him.
92 TOM BYRNE Former Democratic State Chairman Well-liked and respected...must be in the genes.
93 LARRY WEITZNER Republican political consultant Friendship with the GOP State Chairman and the GOP National Finance Chairman gives him wide influence.
94 ED FARMER Chief of Staff to Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. Major player in Passaic County politics.
95 MIGUEL PEREZ Television personality and newspaper columnist Well-respected by Latino voters who watch him on TV and read his column.
96 BOB DECOTIIS Attorney and Democratic fundraiser Veteran attorney regains some influence with a new Democratic administration.
97 VINCENT GIBLIN Business Manager, Operating Engineers Local Tom Giblin's brother is influential in his own right.
98 JOE CARDWELL Jersey City Democratic operative Speaks politically for Jersey City Mayor Glenn Cunningham.
99 RICH MILLER Legislative Director, New Jersey Sportsman Second Amendment advocate influences Republican primaries.
100 JOAN VERPLANCK Executive Director, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Leader of the state's business community



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