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Schundler Accepts Franks Debate Challenge    Jersey City Mayor says “21 Debates in 21 counties sounds great to me”

(WEST ORANGE, APRIL 30) – Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler today accepted Bob Franks’ challenge to debate 21 times in 21 counties. * 

“Bob and I should debate 21 times in 21 counties,” said Schundler.  “That was his mantra last year when he challenged Jon Corzine to a debate in each county in New Jersey.  As he said then, ‘One would think that the people of New Jersey could learn the most about each candidate by listening to as many debates as possible.’  What was good for him last year should be good for him now.  I look forward to having the chance to compare our records and our vision for New Jersey’s future – I want to raise educational standards and lower property taxes, reduce suburban sprawl and get rid of those darn Parkway tolls, and I hope that by the time we meet in debate, Bob will know what he thinks of those issues, too. 

“Bob should debate me in each of our 21 counties over the next eight weeks. I also would welcome Bob to join me in discussing issues before the Gannett editorial boards, on CN-8, on News Forum with Gabe Pressman, on Sean Hannity’s radio show, on Bob Grant’s radio show – all places I have already agreed to appear in a debate format with my opponent – and in any other venue that is willing to host one of these forums. I know that Bob will be required to participate in the ELEC-sponsored debates, but I think that the citizens of New Jersey deserve more than two opportunities to hear us discuss our plans for reducing New Jersey’s tax burden, improving our schools, and reversing sprawl. 

“While his campaign was not prepared to offer his plans on property tax relief or education reform the day Bob made his last-minute entry into this race – this, despite the fact that he’s been an elected official for more than two decades now, and, presumably, has a vision for New Jersey that compels to join the race under such extraordinary circumstances – I’m sure they will be able to develop some kind of answer to those important questions by the time we meet in a debate. Let’s get on with the campaign and let Republican primary voters choose whom they think best represents our Party.”

 *Bob Franks issued the challenge last year to Democrat Jon Corzine.



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