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New Quinnipiac Poll Confirms Schundler Surge

Jersey City Mayor closes gap to 12 points
(WEST ORANGE, APRIL 11) – Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler, responding to the release of a new Quinnipiac College poll on the contest for the GOP gubernatorial nomination which showed the gap between Schundler and Acting Governor Don DiFrancesco shrinking by another ten points, today issued the following statement:

“The new Quinnipiac College poll confirms what our own poll revealed last week – our campaign is surging against Donnie DiFrancesco, and we’ve narrowed the gap significantly.  In the last month, we’ve cut 10 points off Donnie’s lead, and we’re now trailing by just 12 points, with two months to go.“I’m heartened that Republican voters across the state are learning more about the two candidates competing for the nomination. 

 This poll and others show clearly that when voters learn about me and Donnie – and our positions on the issues, and our records as leaders – they are coming our way by the bushel. “Across the state, voters are looking for a candidate with the courage to lead and win – and as they learn more about our campaign, they’re signing on. “I want to raise educational standards and lower property and income taxes.  I want to actually reform the way we spend money at the state level, rather than always just throwing more money at a problem.  I want to reverse Mt. Laurel and revitalize our inner cities as a means to ending suburban sprawl.  

On these and a whole host of issues, Donnie and I have significant disagreements – and Republican voters support my position.

”The Quinnipiac survey showed DiFrancesco leading Schundler by a 39-27 percent margin, down from 46-24 one month ago.The new poll was conducted April 3-9. 

 The survey included 357 registered Republican voters, with a margin of error of 5.2 percent.The Quinnipiac survey confirms what a private poll for the Schundler campaign revealed last week.  In the private poll, the gap between DiFrancesco and Schundler was 37-24 percent.



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