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YIKES!!  What is that thing?

Angela Marie Perkins 

No, they’re not cats and they’re not rats.  They are POSSUMS!!  Yes, those huge creatures that have been surfacing more and more throughout Jersey City are not a figure of your imagination.  Surprise! It isn't just a suburban problem anymore.  It’s now a city problem as well. 

For those residents who have not seen these creatures, consider yourself lucky.  “Pleasing to the eye” they’re not. They’re actually very frightening.  They look like huge rats with long noses. 

Whenever the subject arises, one frequent question is “where did they come from?”  Being a Jersey City resident all of my life, I can honestly say that during my years of growing up in this city, I have never sited a possum until recently.  Can someone please give a straight answer as to where they are coming from? Other than the assumption of the major construction in Jersey City disturbing their resting places, I have not received a definite answer. 

This growing pesticide problem may have you wondering how to possibly be rid of this rodent for once and for all.  Possums, like many other animals, love to go through your garbage in search of food. One method of combating this problem is that homeowners should consider heavy duty plastic or aluminum garbage cans with tops.  Your aim should be to avoid giving the possum access to your garbage.   

Residents, you may find them in trees, in bushes or under the porch.  What should you do when that happens?  According to advice given by a commercial exterminator, the best way to tackle this occurrence is through setting traps.  What happens after you have captured the animal?  Well, call one of the city’s animal centers.  Perhaps the organization will arrange to have the animal removed from your property.  If you are an amateur, try to release the animal without seeking instruction on how to do so.  The possums have sharp claws that could cause bodily harm if you don’t know how to handle it physically.  Remember, when this animal has been trapped, he is most defensive.  You don’t want to deal with an angry rodent.   

Poisoning is an option, but not considered a good idea.  Yes, you may succeed in the lure of getting the animal to take the bait, but where this animal goes to decompose can be a problem.  It will not be such a pleasant experience if it somehow crawls near your home or within your walls and dies.  What will you do about the smell?  If it cannot be located immediately, you will have to withstand the wait of its full deterioration.  Also, squirrels, cats and dogs can eat the poison.  Remember your aim is the possum.  You don’t want to  have an abundance of dead animals in your neighborhood.

 Residents of Jersey City, you are encouraged to contact our city officials with this growing pesticide problem. 




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