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Despite a promise for full public financial disclosure made 46 days ago, Bret Schundler has failed to reveal the contributors to his nonprofit organization, disqualifying him from receiving public matching funds.

According to New Jersey Election Law, all candidates for Governor must disclose donors to any other organizations before receiving public matching funds. Schundler has failed to disclose the donors to his nonprofit, Empower the People, and last week stated he will accept public matching funds, despite his original pledge not to do so.

“Bret Schundler wants to hide his big dollar contributors from New Jersey’s voters, but at the same time wants to accept taxpayer dollars to finance his campaign,” said Charlie Smith, campaign manager for Bob Franks. “He can’t have it both ways, Bret Schundler needs to come clean with the people of this state or not accept their money.”

In March, Schundler came under fire for diverting substantial funds earmarked for scholarships to a self-promotional media blitz the year he became a candidate for Governor. When Mayor Schundler was forced to disclose his scholarship fund and reveal many contributors receiving lucrative tax breaks in Jersey City, his campaign promised to disclose the donors to Empower the People at a later date. Forty-six days later, he has yet to do so.

“Bret Schundler has gone back on his word to not accept matching funds and to disclose the donors to Empower the People,” continued Smith. “Apparently, salvaging his desperate campaign is more important than keeping his promises to New Jersey voters.”


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